MEGAUPLOAD shut by FBI, leaders jailed, artists revolt, SOPA/PIPA supporters are pirates

While media networks like Warner, CBS and Disney invested millions into promoting piracy software and encouraging people to steal music and NEVER gave any of the money to the artists they are supposed to represent…

…they now abused their power to let the venal FBI invade New Zealand and lock up the people behind MEGAUPLOAD, which is supported by many artists like Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz of Ruff Ryders (producer and husband of Alicia Keyes), Black Eyed Peas, P.Diddy because MEGAUPLOAD actually wanted to give something back to the artists who’s music was downloaded (unlike UMG).

The Universal Music Group had earlier successfully forced YouTube to take down the MEGAUPLOAD Trailer featuring various legitimately paid artists even though Universal didn’t own the rights to the song themselves.

This reveals their true intend: They want to maintain their monopoly status even if it means investing in piracy and destroying enterprises. Their scam was discovered and the trailer is now back online:

Vocals by Printz Board, Kim Dotcom and Macy Gray.
Celebrities supporting MEGAUPLOAD: of The Black Eyed Peas
P Diddy formerly known as Puff Daddy/Sean “Puffy” Combs
Kanye West
Chris Brown
Jamie Foxx
Kim Kardashian
Lil John
The Game
Floyd Mayweather
Serena Williams
Ciara reports:

As part of Megaupload’s Dec. 9 relaunch, the site was planning a new music venture called Musicbox that would allow artists to sell music directly to consumers, intended to shelve traditional labels.

Swizz Beatz

Busta Rhymes said on his Twitter account:
With labels and companies doin’ deals with Spotify and many other companies like it who doesn’t give us shit continue 2 do what they do and blatantly show us how much they value the artist with doing deals of such disrespect and lack of value 4 our content…

I am proud 2 stand next 2 my brother @THEREALSWIZZZ and fight the good fight…Our freedom is truly being fucked with in a very significant way and I strongly suggest 2 all artist especially the 1’s Swizz repped 4 comes out & reps 4 him!!!


Meanwhile the supporters/founders of SOPA and PIPA keep using other people’s content without giving credit and without being punished:

Click to zoom in:

SOPA author Lamar Smith is a copyright infringing Pirate

SOPA author Lamar Smith is a copyright infringing Pirate

via @AndrewBloch


Spread the news and instead of hating your weak and corrupt governments, think about wether you want to support these global companies who finance the laws by funding campaigns.

Next time you go shopping. Consider boycotting them at least partially to send them a message in the only language they understand. Personally I decided to never buy another product by Marvel, Zippo or Adidas. Are you able to say no to one of your favorite brands? Support independent companies and locally produced goods.


Just in time Funk legend George Clinton reveals how record companies screwed him over and mentions that the web allows artists to sell to the fanbase directly without any label (low volume audio):



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