BLOWFLY Happy New Year 2012 Artwork by SCROB

A little late here comes my New Year’s Art of BLOWFLY the first rapper aka Funk legend Clarence Reid. Click the image to zoom in.

BLOWFLY the Master of Class with his mighty Rocket vs Sarah Louise Palin and Hillary Rodham Clinton

2012 New Year’s Eve/Silvester Artwork of BLOWFLY aka Clarence Reid vs Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton

Take a closer look at them:

Blowfly also known as Clarence Reid VS Palin and Clinton

Zoom of the above artwork of BLOWFLY with his Zippo setting a Rocket Firework on fire and Sarah Palin/Hillary Clinton of course with the mandatory middle finger

And here’s my initial sketch, as usually very rough and ugly but does the job (originally I wanted to do 3 people on the rocket):

Original Sketch Art for my Blowfly New Year’s Eve drawing

First Sketch for my Blowfly Art

Another Making-Of-Step:

Blowfly New Year Preview by SCROB

Blowfly Logo by SCROB

Closeup of the Blowfly Logo you see integrated in aboves art

Check out BLOWFLY’s official Facebook page managed by his manager and drummer “Uncle” Tom Bowker:


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