Celtic Knot Art: Stay Strong Spike X of Corporate Avenger

Another old one for Monday. Did this Celtic Mural years ago for Daddy X’s brother Spike X aka the Corporate Avenger when he was in the hospital.

Celtic Mural for the Corporate Avenger aka Spike Xavier

Celtic Mural for the Corporate Avenger aka Spike X

Scottie D of Faygoluvers helped me get it to Brad Daddy X of Kottonmouth Kings to show him on a visit.

redrawing and simplyfing the celtic styled letters

redrawing and simplyfing the celtic styled letters

Because of the circle shape, I drew all the letters by hand, to make them fit the composition, instead of just using a font.

Was great to hear back from Brad:

Daddy X wrote:
> Hey please tell him thank you so much for that amazing artwork””I passed
> it along to spike and he loved it!!x


Txx Will as Santa Clause Xmas Art Making Of Video Speed Painting by SCROB + Old Blaze Art

Here is a short video of me turning a sketch of T Will of 57th Street RDV into a TXXMas version that I posted yesterday:

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The song is called Christmas In The Hood featuring Sonya and Terrell and you can get it here:

http://itunes.apple.com/album/christmas-in-the-hood-feat./id482265052 and here https://market.android.com/details?id=album-Buuwdqe4gp3eeepaaixglgwxeji
Oh and since it’s OLD SHIT MONDAY, and to prove that I get better, here is some super old pretty ugly Blaze Ya Dead Homie Art, I can’t remember when I did it:

Blaze Ya Dead Homie Super Old Juggalo Art

Blaze Ya Dead Homie Super Old Juggalo Art

Insane Clown Posse Hell’s Pit Promo by SCROB (Old Shit)

Once again it’s Old Shit Monday and here is a Flyer/Ad that I did out of Juggalo enthusiasm for ICP’s second installment of their 6th Joker’s Card, The Wraith: Hell’s Pit. It features wicked, self-destructing, zombified versions of Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J. As you can see then Artwork’s anatomy was still crappy and somewhat flat compared to my newer work.

Comic Style Insane Clown Posse ICP old Hells Pit Advertising by SCROB

Old Comic Style Juggalo Art: ICP Flyer for ICP’s The Wraith Hell’s Pit. Left: Shaggy 2 Dope; Right: Violent J

Old Shit Monday: Killa C of Grave Plott (Dirty Thug Records/Str8 Dirty)

Here’s some more old ass shit from back when my skills sucked more, this time of Juggalo rapper Killa C from the duo GravePlott [DirtyThug.com]:

Killa C Artwork rapper of DirtyThug Str8Dirty by SCROB face painted

Old color reduced drawing of Juggalo Rapper Killa C of Dirty Thug Records

And here’s a colored version of the same image:

Art of Killa C, Juggalo Rapper of Dirty Thug records

Colored version of Killa C Artwork

Old Shit Monday: MARZ “Damn” (Gorilla Pimpin era wallpaper)

This is a really old wallpaper I did a long time ago, inspired by MARZ’s song Damn and the music video to Back a Da Klub from the album Gorilla Pimpin.

Wallpaper: Drawing inspired by the song “Damn” by MARZ

Wallpaper: Drawing inspired by the song “Damn” by MARZ

Here’s some more old MARZ stuff I did back in the day.

Zlatko Hukic aka MARZ from Chicago

Left: MARZ on Shrooms, middle: MARZ Quote with Dark Lotus/Kaos face paint; right: MARZ Gorilla

Old Shit Monday: Tech N9ne art from waaaay back in the day

It’s old shit monday and we’ll kick off this month of Strange Music flavor with some old shit from when I started to listen to Tech N9ne:

Fuck The Industry Tech Nine old digital art by SCROB

Fuck The Industry Tech N9ne of Strange Music old digital art by SCROB


And here’s a variation of it with the text from the track Yada of the album Absolute Power:

Yada Yada Yada Old graphic of rapper Tech N9ne by SCROB

Text: Lyrics to Yada by Tech N9ne from Absolute Power

NATAS Digital Art: N Of Tha World (Old shit Monday)

It’s Old Shit Monday and here is some art I did when the awesome NATAS album N Of Tha World came out, unfortunately only one track with Mastamind.

Artwork N Of Tha World (Mastamind, Esham and TNT of NATAS)

N Of Tha World (Mastamind, Esham and TNT of NATAS)

Mastamind, Esham and T-N-T of Detroit’s NATAS (Nation Ahead of Time And Space)