Txx Will as Santa Clause Xmas Art Making Of Video Speed Painting by SCROB + Old Blaze Art

Here is a short video of me turning a sketch of T Will of 57th Street RDV into a TXXMas version that I posted yesterday:

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The song is called Christmas In The Hood featuring Sonya and Terrell and you can get it here:

http://itunes.apple.com/album/christmas-in-the-hood-feat./id482265052 and here https://market.android.com/details?id=album-Buuwdqe4gp3eeepaaixglgwxeji
Oh and since it’s OLD SHIT MONDAY, and to prove that I get better, here is some super old pretty ugly Blaze Ya Dead Homie Art, I can’t remember when I did it:

Blaze Ya Dead Homie Super Old Juggalo Art

Blaze Ya Dead Homie Super Old Juggalo Art


Old Shit Monday: Blaze Ya Dead Homie/Colton Grundy The Undying

It’s Old Shit Monday and here is some old Juggalo Art of Blaze Ya Dead Homie aka Big Chris from when Blaze had the letters shaved into his head and called himself Colton Grundy The Undying.

Old Graphic of Colton Grundy aka Blaze Ya Dead Homie aka Big Chris aka Chris Rouleau

Blaze Ya Dead Homie is Colton Grundy The Undying