Making Of Speed Painting: Cover of DESERT EAGLE by The Dirtball of Kottonmouth Kings

Check out the first released track of DBall’s EP DESERT EAGLE and watch me create the cover art:

Desert Eagle Art of The Dirtball by SCROB

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This is a 6 Track EP and only costs you $4.99!  Check the track list out:

    1. Intro
    2. Desert Eagle
    3. Wild West
    4. Live and Direct (feat. Kottonmouth Kings)
    5. War Again
    6. Pissed at the World (feat. (Hed) P.E.)

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a Dirtball a Day (Part 29) Making Of Video: RAPS Falling Out My Mouth

Speed Painting Video of yesterday’s digital drawing: R A P S

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Based on a Tweet (Twitter message) by @TheDirtball!/TheDirtball
“Good morning NC!!! I have raps already falling out of my mouth! I’m ready!”

More Eyedope (@scrob.TV on Twitter): ‪‪!/scrobTV‬‬

♫ “Speak” from the album “Crook County”

The Dirtball ‪‪‬‬
of the Kottonmouth Kings ‪‪‬‬
on Suburban Noize Records ‪‪‬‬

a Dirtball a Day (Part 27) RAPS Falling Out My Mouth

This is a crappy one I did quickly after The Dirtballs Tweet “Good morning NC!!! I have raps already falling out of my mouth! I’m ready!”

Making Of Video coming tomorrow

a Dirtball a Day (Part 19) Reptile digital drawing (Preview 3)

Raptillion! In 3D! Dirtball! Almost Done!

a Dirtball a Day (Part 18) Reptile digital drawing (Preview 2)

Current state of the Raptillion piece:

a Dirtball a Day (Part 17) Reptile digital drawing (Preview)

It will probably be finished tomorrow

Coming on Wednesday

Edit: Having huge technical problems with this one, not sure when I’ll be able to finish it.

Coming someday (desktop wallpaper), here’s the current early state, inspired by song Raptillion from the album with the same name by The Dirtball:

a Dirtball a Day (Part 16) SMOKE Airbrush Style Wallpaper

Here’s the wallpaper of yesterday’s video in high resolution (1600 x 1200 pixels).

See yesterday’s post for a making-of video.